Anna Ferderer

Interior Designer

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Anna has been feeding her passion for all things architecture, design, and art since an early age. After studying art and music in her pre-college years, Anna attended research-based College of Design at the University of Minnesota, Twin Cities. During her undergrad, she studied architecture and community planning in Oaxaca, Mexico. Anna interned at Studio M Architects for 2+ years while in school, and began working at Shea, Inc. after graduating with a Bachelor of Science in Interior Design, and a Minor in Architecture.

Anna possesses a wealth of experience ranging from hospitality and hotel prototyping, to retail design, to master site planning, and public space rebranding & repositioning. Anna’s eye for detail applies to every stage of the design process.

Inspired by her international travel, Anna is passionate about connecting people to their built environment. She believes that the human experiences should drive design, creating spaces that guide interactions, inspire reactions, and function seamlessly.

When she’s not designing, Anna is typically hiking, dancing, cooking, or traveling. Most adventures include her pup, Penny.