Bend Tour Company

Bend, Oregon

The Bend Tour Company anchors the south half of the west wing of the Box Factory. This renovation combined several smaller suites into one larger suite, removing existing walls and mezzanine floors to create an expansive, wide-open space. The Bend Tour Company offers many ways to experience Bend, whether touring the town by segway, helicopter, electric cruiser car, or electric bike, pedaling around town on the cycle pub or cycle round, or renting an eBike or standup paddle board to cruise the streets and rivers. And their new suite provides them the space to hold tour orientations, as well as store all of their toys at night.


A new storefront provides ample visibility from Industrial Way and allows the beautiful Central Oregon sunshine to infiltrate the suite, reducing the need for artificial lighting. A steel canopy shades this new south-facing glazing in the summer, keeping the space cool, and allows the winter sun to warm the space. A new, angular transaction desk provides a welcoming face to tour groups and allows separate tour groups to check in simultaneously at either end of the desk. A new bar top constructed from timbers reclaimed from the demolition offers groups the option to enjoy a pre or post-tour beverage, and a new steel stair with reclaimed timber treads provides access to an elevated lounge and private office above.


550 SW Industrial Way, Suite 135

Bend, Oregon 97702