Samantha Freson

Design Professional

A headshot of Samantha

Samantha's passion for art and design began at an early age. Surrounded by a family of Architects and Graphic Designers, she was always drawn to the arts.  Her high school years were spent taking every art class possible and exploring her home state of Wisconsin. After years of designing homes and making art on her parents' design software, a career in architecture felt natural.

After graduating high school she took a life-changing adventure; Samantha moved across the country to attend the College of Design at the University of Oregon. During her undergraduate she interned with two other students to design and build a tiny house for the non-profit organization, SquareOne Villages, that provides shelter to the homeless. In addition to the hands-on experience she gained, Samantha also learned the importance of efficient space design, construction management, and the impact that a built environment can have on our planet and its inhabitants.

Outside the office, Samantha can be found seeking outdoor adventures or enjoying her passion for cooking and visiting restaurants. Her goals include hiking a portion of the Pacific Crest Trail, exploring the backcountry of Canada, and backpacking around Europe. In the meantime, you can find her exploring the Cascades, at a local food truck, or cruising down the highway toward her next adventure.